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At the age of eleven, Craig performed in his first musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. It was a life-changing moment for Craig and he has loved music and performing on stage ever since. At secondary school in Nelson, Craig was involved in electronic music in the early days of the “almost affordable” synthesiser.

After heading off to Canterbury University to study Engineering, Craig stayed away from music performance for many years. However, he couldn’t stay away for ever and now its a hugely important part of his life, both in terms of enjoying performing and being with a bunch of amazing people. Recently, Craig performed in several local musicals, with the Southern Opera, and also sung a bit of Rock Music.

Craig has been a tenor in the Pops Choir from the start and has enjoyed it very much. He has seen the Choir evolve into the awesome group that it is today.  Craig is also involved with technical aspects of the Choir, working with the sound equipment and backing tracks.

Outside of Pops, Craig is putting together a new business venture, developing software tools to help meet the demands of the IoT-connected world and education tools to assist singing teachers improve their students’ talent. He loves sailing and building boats, and he has designed and built a hydrofoiling trimaran.

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